Monday, January 23, 2012

Performance chip connection for IAT sensor on Toyota tundra?

Read the details as follows for the connection.

This is actual wiring without chip.

Starting from left to right:---
Pin 1 Red with white stripe
Pin 2 Yellow with black stripe
Pin 3 red
Pin 4 yellow with blue stripe
Pin 5 Black with white stripe

This chip alters the intake air temperature sensor input to the engine control computer. This wire/input is referred to as THA. This is the yellow wire with a green tracer look closely at the wires even pushed back up inside the tubing and make sure it is yellow with a green and not yellow with black. The black wire with a white tracer is the ground for the sensor and this resistor. As the temperature changes the resistance value of this intake air temperature sensor the voltage therefore changes on the THA input by way of the yellow wire with a green tracer. The pins are identified by removing the electrical connector and looking at the face of the electrical connector with a lock tab at the top or 12 o'clock position. Pin number one would be on the left and counting to the right through pin number five.

The yellow wire with the green tracer is next to black with white tracer and therefore the chip goes in wires in pins 4 and 5. Count the pin position by looking at the connector on the air intake and count from left to right. In other words the yellow with the green tracer is in pin 4 and the ground black with a white tracer is in pin position 5.

This details will help.

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