Sunday, January 8, 2012

Engine hard to start after gas refill?

This problem is noticed on many car models.
The engine gets hard to start after filling gas.The engine takes more cranking.But once it starts it runs fine.

The only way this can happen after refueling is if the on board vapor recovery system is not functioning properly. It is possible that fuel vapor is being pushed into the intake manifold. This can only happen if the vacuum switching valve for the vapor purge system is stuck open. Normally this would cause some type of evaporative emissions code to set in the engine control computer. There have been some issues with fuel pumps going bad and there is a technical service bulletin dealing with bad engine control computer's. I just don't believe that fueling the engine would affect either one of these with the exception of possibly the fuel pump. Cold fuel can have a tendency to change the dynamics of the fuel pump. There are multiple possibilities in this case. I would have the evaporative system tested and checked along with the vapor purge valve.
Getting this possibilities checked/ inspected will help.

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