Sunday, January 8, 2012

Engine stumbles coming off idle when warm?

Problems occurs on all types of car.New as well as old cars.

In this case this problem is noticed on 1992 Toyota 4-Runner.Make sure that you have the TPS adjusted correctly so that the IDL points are set and the computer knows that your at idle. The next most common problem is related to the mass airflow sensor. The wiper grids on the circuit board have a tendency to get worn in a particular spot just off idle. The second most common problem is restricted injectors. This engine was notorious for clogging up injectors. It's not likely intake leak. Run a fuel pressure test to confirm that when the vehicle starts to accelerate fuel pressure is not dropping due to a fuel pressure regulator problem. I Have seen a few pressure regulators leak on these engine models. Make sure the base timing is set correctly once you have the IDL points correctly set.

Getting this tests done will help you to confirm the problem.

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