Sunday, January 8, 2012

How to Replace rear quarter glass on Toyota Tacoma?

Its not very hard.
The procedure to perform this task is as follows :--------

The rear quarter glass is held in by two nuts on the pivot hinge on the front side. The rear of the glass is held in by this snap buckle. In order to gain access to these nuts that hold the glass in place the interior quarter panel plastic trim has to be removed. To give step-by-step instructions in this type of format is probably unrealistic I could probably locate an overall view of the component parts. It's not overly difficult. A lot of times if you simply remove the coat hook with the one screw that retains it at the top of the plastic panel the rest of the quarter panel is just snapped into place by 13 pop clips. Sometimes you can pry this loose at the top and work your way down enough to get your hands in to get to these retaining nuts. Otherwise you have to unbolt the flip up seats remove them then remove the rear plastic panel/seat backs in order to get the panel out far enough to remove it.

This will help.Thanks.

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