Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Additional wiring harness needs to be installed in a brake controller for electric brakes on 2012 Toyota Highlander?

Many Toyota car drivers ask this question,about whether its necessary or not.
So yes its necessary .The 2012 Toyota Highlander SE V6 AWD with the tow prep package. Upon having the hitch installed by an RV shop to tow a 3600 lb tailer with electric brakes.Basically have  to add additional wiring harness available only through Toyota costing $215.

Yes toyota has a harness for hitch and it is good that they actually used it because I have seen alot of non toyota harnesses go bad so you're better with the one that is made for the vehicle.

Actually there is a sub harness that comes with the vehicle and is in the glovebox. This sub harness plugs into the Toyota electrical connector and there is a wiring schematic that shows which wires go to the corresponding wires on your brake controller. Whoever is installing your brake controller should know how to adapt it to the controller and plug it into the Toyota electrical system. 

This details will help.Thanks.

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