Sunday, December 11, 2011

How to replace Alternator Drive Belt?

Always before replacing Alternator drive belt,first inspect if belt is faulty or out.For alternator belt Inspecting procedure,check he link mentioned below :----

How to Inspect Alternator Drive Belt?


If its inspected faulty,then yes follow this procedure below to replace alternator drive belt.Its also called as Accessory dive belt or serpentine belt.

Follow this diagrams to replace car Alternator belt.

To replace a worn belt, locate the idler or generator pulley.
Loosen the hold-down fastener for the idler or generator pulley.
Pry the idler or generator pulley inward to release the belt tension and remove the belt.
Match the old belt up for size with the new replacement belt.
Observe the belt routing diagram in the engine compartment.
Install the new belt over each of the drive pulleys. Often the manufacturer recommends a sequence for feeding the belt around the pulleys.
Pry out the idler or generator pulley to put tension on the belt.

This details will help you.
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