Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Diesel Truck wont stay running?

2004 Ford F350 Diesel Truck:----

This truck will drain the battery to start so I try to rev the engine to keep it runing but it dies. I cheked the fuel and it is getting to the second fuel filter fine.

I assume you have checked the oil for proper level? They cant be low or the thing wont start as oil is needed to fire the fuel injectors. Your gone to really have to have a scan tool that can read the oil pressure off the high presure pump. The thing will have to have about 700psi ICP pressure anything less and it will not start. You could still have a HI psi oil leak under one of the valve covers, or at the hi psi pump snap together fitting. If its big enough leak it can cause no start or symptom you are describing. Unfortunatly its complicated to find you need a scan tool, special test fitting so you can air check the hi psi oil system and listen for leaks, it can come from eithe valve cover area or under the hi psi pump.Also CHECK THE WIRES AT THE FRONT OF PASSENGER SIDE VALVE COVER THERE IS A ALUMINUM BOX THERE. SHAKE THE WIRES IF IDLE CHANGES YOU KNOW THE PROBLEM. I SPRAYED MINE WITH SILICONE AND I HAVE HAD NO PROBLEMS SINCE.

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