Saturday, December 17, 2011

Car Brakes Pulling?

Many car drivers notice this problem.The car brakes pulling towards one side.Driver learns to compensate by steering opposite to the pull every time he brakes.Brakes pulling to one side.Or ,brakes pulling to left then not catching at all,in some cases brake pulling towards right.
When a vehicle drifts or pulls to one side while cruising or when braking, the cause could be in the brake system or in the steering and suspension system. Check the inflation of the tires, the tires' tread condition, and verify that the tires on each axle are the same size. Check the operation of the brakes. If only one front wheel is actually doing the braking, the vehicle will seem to stumble or pivot on that one wheel. If no problems are found in the brake system, suspect an alignment or suspension problem.

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