Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Brake warning light comes on and car will not start intermittently?

This problem is noticed on many other car models.
The car actually starts and runs very fine.But suddenly on some day,the car will not start and brake warning light indicator comes on.
It's possible to have a module shorted out or a faulty starter when the engine turns on 95% of the time.

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As long as the theft light doesnt flash fast then the security system should be ok. A diagnostic check for codes with a scan tool would need to be done on all control modules to make sure they are working properly and communicating with each other.If one is shorted out it can bring down the system. I dont think its dirctly related to the brake system. But a check for codes would be the place to start. Also you can verify with an assistant that the starter is getting a signal to crank. The starter has two wires to it. The larger red battery cable will have battery voltage at all times and the smaller starter wire will only have battery voltage when the key is held to crank. If its getting power when cranking then the starter is at fault.The starter is located directly on top of the transmission on the drivers side so it is not to bad to get to.

I would lean more towards an intermittent starter issue or bad connection/loose connection to the starter. A diagnostic check for codes would elimate a lot of unknowns. Most auto parts stores can check only the engine control computer for codes. Other modules are online and work together so they would all need to be checked to be sure no codes are stored to indicate a concern. If you can test the starter as I mentioned when it acts up that will tell you if the starter is getting power and if it is just not responding.

This details will help you.
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