Sunday, December 11, 2011

Car Alternator Working Intermittently?

If your car alternator is not working properly,then car battery will not get properly charged.The alternator is the charging system of the car when he car is running.The cars battery has 12 volt,by this 12 volt your car runs.But when car is running,the battery voltage gets low,it drops from 12 volt to 11 volt and from 11 volt to more low volts.If more voltage drops then car will stop running or quit running at certain point.So to maintain that 12 volt of car battery,there is alternator.The Alternator is electricity-generating device that converts mechanical energy to electrical energy in the form of alternating current. Diodes rectify the alternating current into direct current.
So if you notice that your car alternator is not working properly,then also if its making any kind of noise or not.If you hear alternator making noise then
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But if alternator is just not working properly,but there is no noise then the problem is alternator brushes.The Alternator Brushes block of conducting material, such as carbon, held against an armature commutator or rotor slip ring to form a continuous electrical path.But if the brushes are worn out,then it will let all dirt enter the Cars charging system and this will cause alternator to work intermittently.
On some older vehicles, if only the brushes are to be serviced, the rest of the alternator will not have to be disassembled. However, newer alternator will require removal of the unit and separation of the case. Properly identify your alternator before beginning replacement procedures.
Some alternators have brushes that can be replaced from the outside, without splitting the alternator housing.
Brushes are spring loaded.When they wear, spring tension becomes less.

SYMPTOMS:---Brushes that are too short can cause an alternator to stop working intermittently (once in a while) before failing completely.

But if alternator itself is worn out then replace it as complete assembly.
Before replacing alternator,its always advisable to inspect,test and then replace alternator.
The topics mentioned below,with help you to confirm the alternator problem.

This details will help you.

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