Sunday, December 25, 2011

Facebook blocked?


Go to : control panel >internet options > security > blocked sites; remove facebook from the list.
Then check.
You may be a working professional in a corporate environment and the sad thing is that Facebook is blocked at your office. So you can neither open your Facebook account at office nor you can chat with your Facebook buddies.

Recently, I was trying to access Facebook.com in my college using a Wi-Fi connection but the page never loaded. The same was true with Twitter and Orkut. The reason is that the majority of the social networking accounts are blocked in corporate offices, schools, workplace and educational institutions.

In such cases, you have to look for workarounds to open Facebook when it is blocked. Here are some options to consider.

Access Facebook.com Using IP Address To open Facebook using an IP address has its advantages. Chances are that the administrator has blocked Facebook from the Windows host file.

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