Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Left bank sensor running lean?

Ok typically when there is a vacuum leak both banks will run lean or its just setting a code for the one side only.This type of code needs alot of attention to detail to diagnose properly by mnonitoring sensor inputs and such. If its really only running lean on one bank it could be a suspect lazy oxygen sensor not switching fast enough if it has alot of miles on the engine.Both sides lean could be due to a mass air flow sensor, vacuum leak or weak fuel pump. Most causes of a vacuum leak are a bad pcv valve or leak in its hose. A diagnostic check for codes with a scan tool would need to be done running both a Key On Engine Off test and Key On Engine running test be done to chek for hard faults and montioring the oxygen sensor & short term fuel trims and long term fuel trims to know exactly whats the main problem in this type of problem. if you dont have acces to a scan tool thtat can look at live data then you will need to bring it to a shop that does so they can fix it properly.

This will help.

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