Sunday, December 25, 2011

System will not boot?

First of all check this link:---

desktop or laptop computer

Test all leads that attach to your hard drive including electrical extensions 
the leads from your ((motherboard to your hard drive)) make sure they have a secure dust free connections and are not faulty or just replace them they could be faulty

Make sure all leads that are attached to your drives dvd\cd have secure connections and are not faulty or just replace them they could be faulty 

Even something as small as an electrical extension or a faulty fan lead can cause you problems computer needs all of the data and power to travel through every working device and to have an end for a computer to be able work properly 

A motherboard and a hard drive any leads between them will fail. Before your motherboard or your hard drive, check all electrical extensions make sure they are securely seated even the cd/dvd drives need to have current go through make sure these devices are working .
might be getting hot .
check the CPU make sure it has thermal paste and dust free secure seating.

Also check your computer ram modules and cmos battery make sure they are dust free and securely seated some motherboards cmos batteries are soldered in.

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