Monday, December 26, 2011

Volkswagen Jetta headlight removing?

Our dealer told me to replace my front headlight bulb that I need to remove the front bumper.
You can replace the bulbs wihout removing anything. The passenger side is super easy. The driver side is tougher because there isn't much room to stuff your hands, but it can be done. If you must pull the battery, make sure you have your radio security code on hand because you will need it after hooking the battery back up. I'd suggest not removing the battery and just taking your time to get the driver side bulb replaced.
No, you just might have to take out the battery. I was able to do it without taking the battery out, but only because I was being old car repair guy. There is one thing I definitely have to say is that you should change both headlights at the same time. My driver side headlight was the first one to go and I didn't listen and just changed that one, days later my passenger side one went out!

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