Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Festina Mambo Watch?

Mambo watches manufactured in Spain and Switzerland.They are actually not Swiss based watch.A Japanese technology is used to make this watch.Its sold everywhere from USA to Europe.
Its fully water resistant watch and have features like chronograph and alarm systems.
If the battery is dead,you can replace it yourself.When ever the battery is remove or replaced,the watch has to be reset.
To set ,time,day and date.
Pull the crown up.For time setting wait till you hear two clicks.And for day and date setting wait till you hear one click.
Then for day spin clockwise direction and for date spin crown to counter clockwise direction.
To replace battery its not very hard.
The back plate of the watch will come off.Its basically fitted by screws.Just with the help of screw driver remove these screws.The back plate is loose now.Lift the plate,remove the round battery out,insert same type new battery in place and fit all the screws to the plate.

This details will help you.

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