Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Air bag suspension does not inflate?

When I turn on the SUV I can hear the air compressor turn on but the rear air bags do not inflat.I have tried turning off/on the air compressor switch loacted in passenger side but no luck.

I had the same problem yesterday. All of a sudden the front of the car seemed higher than the back, and I thought I had a flat. When I got out the driver side rear body was higher than the passenger side. I could hear the compressor, and it kept running after I turned the car off. I had a bumpy ride.

I took it in and they said one airbag was deflated and the second was badly cracked. I replaced both for $1100. Merry Christmas to me! Now it is running great and no compressor sound.

Sounds like the seals may have failed in the air shocks themselves. I also think you may have a bleeder valve problem. Follow the lines back and check the bleeder valve to see if it is leaking when you have someone else turn the vehicle on.

The rear height sensor will turn the air suspension on if it see's the suspension is too low. One of the rear air springs is probably dry rotted and cracked, leaking air.You can spray soapy water onto the rear air springs to check for a leak.Other air leak area is under the brake master cylinder ht air line disintergrates.Check for air leaks.Once it gets to the desired height it should shut down. A diagnostic check for codes with a scan tool made need to be done to check system operation and integrity.

On the rear suspension.#2 in the illustration below:



No, it doesnt work that way, it is set to a calibrated ride height that is measured by the sensor, when it see's it is sitting too low, then it turns the compressor on.You could have a problem with the air suspension relay or an air leak as mentioned.It really needs to be checked with a scan tool to get in depth and diagnosis it right without throwing a bunch of parts at it.If it has an air leak,those parts should be replaced.The diagnostic check for codes with a scan tool is needed to check system operation.

Get it scanned if problem not getting solved.

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