Sunday, December 25, 2011

Sylvania 7" G-Netbook PC Notebook running slow?

You might have to many programs running at the same time.Try uninstalling a few unnecessary programs also scroll to the bottom of your screen toolbar. Right click -- select task manager -- applications & processes ,you will see what is running if you see something you dont need running select end now .

You might have a virys slowing your computer
You might need to install more RAM memory.

Click start -- right click on my computer -- select properties--  you will see all imformation about your computer including installed ram.
Installing more ram is the best option to speed up a computer.

Other possibility can be virus

Run a full scan of your smartbook with an updated antivirus.There could a viral attack on your machine making it drag.Also,the free space on your hard drive.Low disk space makes the machine to slow,delete old and unneccessary files from your machine to create as much space as possible.

This basics might help.

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