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Jeep Grand Cherokee Security system malfunction

Security System issue On Jeep

Problems Like 94 Grand Cherokee that will not start Due To Security Alarm Disabled.

Security alarm Getting Off

Alarm honking Intermittently

Jeep security Alarm Issues


Troubleshooting Vehicle alarm Issues:

As per the model and year of the vehicle this has only the factory security (VTSS) and not an aftermarket system?

Why The alarm goes Off?

Once VTSS is armed then the alarm will go off when it sees a door open without the system being disarmed (unlock button on the key fob or unlocking a door).

As Per The Problem
Most likely it is seeing one of the door ajar switches close and that is what is setting it off. It could be one of the front doors, but the problem is most often one of the switches on the liftgate. There is one for liftgate ajar and there is another for the flipper glass. Both switches are the same part number and interchangeable. If it has a vehicle information center sometimes you will see a liftgate ajar warning come across when the gate and glass are both closed.

Things You Can Try:
Make sure all doors, the liftgate and glass are closing properly. If they are then I would try disconnecting the flipper glass switch first and then the liftgate ajar switch and see if the problem goes away.

Can Be Issue With switches:

The system should have disarmed no matter what when you turned the key in the door. There is a disarm switch on the back of the lock cylinder that is wired to the VTSS module. These switches do fail and sometimes they fall off the cylinder. The next time it goes off try disarming from the passenger door of liftgate lock cylinder. The driver's door is the one most use and is usually the first to have a bad disarm switch.

Faulty VTTS Module

It's possible that the VTSS module is the cause of both issues also, but mostly I would say you probably have a bad flipper glass switch and an issue with the driver's disarm switch.

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Chrysler 300 Aftermarket Radio Issue

Chrysler 300 Radio Problem

Car radio is one of the good entertainment source in the car,if it stops working getting it repaired becomes necessary.

Airbag Light Goes On And OFF After Replacing Radio

Aftermarket Radio installing Issue

After installing an after market radio on 2006 Chrysler 300. Now the airbag light goes on and off. If I change back to the factory radio the air bag light stays off.

Solution: A wiring Issue Or Non-Compatible Radio Unit:

There are few possibilities to be checked:

  • First make sure you got exact aftermarket radio,which is compatible for your car model.
  • If this for sure only happens with the aftermarket radio in place then most likely you have a wiring issue. 
  • The factory radio is on the CAN B communication bus to allow communication between it and other modules. 
  • If anything from the replacement radio is connected to the bus wires then it will take the bus down and could turn the airbag light on. 
  • If the wires are being pinched when the radio is in place and are shorting to ground it will also do it.

Things To Try:

The first thing I would do is remove the radio and find the white and white/orange wires that are next to each other in the original connector. Make sure these wires are not connected to anything.

Many-a-times several of the pins in the connector get bent; including the pins connecting the white and white/orange wires. Just check and straighten out the pins and all will get good.

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Chrysler Town & Country Alternator Problem

Chrysler Alternator Issue

Troubleshooting Chrysler Alternator Problem.
Alternator Controls Vehicle Charging System.

Problem With 2001 Town and Country  3.3L.
When van is in gear and at an idle, speedometer is jumping up to 30mph and back to 5mph. If you let the van roll and then press the gas pedal all is ok. if you try and start off from a dead stop, van coughs, jerks and then moves. If the Air conditioning is on it is twice as bad as when it is off.

Solution: First Check the Basics

First get the regular tune-up done for items such as spark plugs and wires? I have seen the jumping speedo in older vans, which was caused by poorly routed, and electrically leaking spark plug wires.

If Vehicle servicing tune is done and its not helping then,
You have a bad alternator that is inducing electrical noise into the output speed sensor signal and that's why the speedometer moves on it's own and these things are happening.

Easy Way To Confirm The Problem With Alternator:
Reach down on the back of the alternator and unplug the field connector. Start the engine and drop it in gear, you will almost surely see the speedometer stays at 0. If it stays at 0 with the alternator unplugged then replace it.

If Alternator checks out faulty then replace it.
Its better off replacing the alternator with a new or re-manufactured one rather than trying to repair the faulty alternator again. You should be able to pick up a re-manufactured alternator starting at about $150. Autozone service center carries them with a lifetime warranty for $170.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

2004 Dodge Ram 1500 Idle Issues

Idle Goes Up And Down

Idle Problem On Dodge

Engine continues to idle high

Truck jerks into gear

Idle Gets Erratic 

United States 2004 Dodge Ram 1500 Vehicle

Q:  2004 Dodge Ram 1500 QC SLT 4.7L automatic engine with 165,000 miles. Idle continues to fluctuate. Occasionally while coming to quick stop the engine continues to idle high. When I go to take off my truck moves slow for a few feet then jerks into gear. Also, when put it in park or drive it sometimes jerks into gear. 

A: Throttle Position Sensor: 

Most likely its a throttle position sensor (TPS) issue. The TPS is mounted on the left side of the throttle body and tells the engine and trans controllers how far the throttle is open.

Faulty TPS 

When the sensor gets worn it will start to create small voltage spikes in it's signal and the engine controller things you are opening the throttle, so the idle can be erratic. If the voltage just stays high then so will the idle.

Trans Controller And TPS Signal:

The trans controller also receives the TPS signal and uses it for shifting control. If the idle fluctuation and the trans symptoms started at about the same time then the TPS is likely causing the shifting issues too.

TPS Signal Monitoring:

The TPS signal can be monitored with a scan tool or labscope. You can also try unplugging it while the idle is fluctuating, if it straightens up then replace the sensor. You can also tap on the sensor or wiggle the connector, if this has any effect on the engine then replace the sensor.

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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Mechanical Failure in the Transmission

1999 LHS Chrysler Transmission Reverse Problem

Q: Multiple problem noticed while driving Chrysler

Seems like misfire
Noticed Stalling
Also Feels Like Ignition Miss
Stuck in park mode at times
Gearshift was hard to move
Has drive mode but no reverse mode

A: Unfortunately this is going to be a mechanical failure in the trans.

The Reasons And Possibilities For This Problem To Occur:

Transmission freewheeling:

  • It sounds like the trans was freewheeling when attempting to shift into second gear, and was then doing it in reverse. The reverse and 2/4 clutches both drive the same hub and use the same sun gear for torque output. If this hub failed in any way then it would cause a loss of second and reverse.

Vehicle Stuck up In Park Mode:

  • With your mention of it seeming like it was in park that tells me that the geartrain may have been locking up. Planetary geartrain failures on these transmissions weren't unheard of and would often result in the trans locking up.

Transmission Drop:

  • You can drop the pan and there is a good chance you will find a large amount of metal. Either way, the trans is going to need to be disassembled for inspection/repair or replaced, the problem is definitely an internal mechanical failure.
Bad Sensors:

  • If you had a bad input or output speed sensor or a solenoid issue it would cause it to stay in second gear and you would have reverse. 

Freewheeling such as yours is or a loss of reverse can only be caused by an mechanical failure inside transmission assembly.

A proper transmission repair shop tech need to inspect the transmission.

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Jeep Liberty Key Fob Works Intermittently

2006 Jeep Liberty Keyfob Problem

All problem Started after replacing ignition Actuator

The key fob works intermittently, and when the key is out, and the driver's door is opened, I get a warning chime, like the lights are on.

Did you replace the shaft that goes between the lock cylinder and the ignition switch? This is generally what is referred to as the ignition switch actuator.

There are few possibilities that can cause this problem:

Ignition Key:

  • The key fob will not lock the doors if the key is in the ignition, and clearly it thinks the key is still in. I believe you may find this is why the key fob seems to not be working all the time.

Check Actuator Rod:

  • The key-in chime turns on when the ignition switch sees the key is in the ignition. In the center of the actuator you replaced you should have noticed a white plastic rod, this runs from the lock cylinder, through the actuator and then into the center of the ignition switch. The key pushes on this rod and then the rod closes a switch in the ignition switch, then it knows the key is in.

Alignment Problem with Replaced parts:

  • Something happened during the repair and this white plastic rod is pushed into the ignition switch far enough that it thinks the key is in. Either there was an assembly issue or the new part is a little longer than it should be. What you'll need to do is start by removing the ignition switch and see if you can tell anything. If not, you can try inserting and removing the key to make sure this rod moves with it. If not then the problem has to be at the lock cylinder end or inside the new actuator.

At our garage once same problem was repaired ............

It appears that the white plastic rod was too long. Instead of cutting it, mechanic shimmed part that it goes into with a small washer and that resolved the problem.

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2000 Ram 1500 Shows "NO BUS" Message

Dodge Ram 1500 Will Crank But No Start

If you're seeing a no bus message along with a no start condition then that tells us that the PCM is down. While these problem occurs you'll probably also notice that the fuel gauge and voltmeter don't work when the key is turned on.

There are Few Possibilities To Be Tested And Confirmed:

  • A loss of power or ground will prevent the PCM from waking up. Check fuses in both fuse boxes. If ok then you can unplug the black PCM connector and check for battery voltage on pins 2 and 22 with the key on, and ground on 31 and 32. If these are ok then you can move on.

  • A short to ground on a 5v reference circuit will take the PCM down. This circuit goes to the cam, crank, TPS and MAP sensors. A short to ground on this circuit can be an internally shorted sensor or wiring issue.

  • A short to voltage on the sensor ground circuit will also take the PCM down. This is the black/light blue wire that goes to all sensor on the engine and one in the trans, a short on this circuit can also be a wiring problem or internal sensor issue.

Start with checking the powers and grounds and then if they are ok I would move on to checking the 5v and sensor ground circuits.

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