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How to change headlight?

BMW 525i :

If you just want to replace the headlight bulb.
Then the procedure is as follows :-----

The headlights must be aimed correctly for best function. Properly aimed headlights make driving at night easier and more enjoyable. Have the headlights aimed by a shop with the correct aiming equipment.

While it takes special equipment to aim the headlights, a burned out headlight bulb is simple and easy to replace. It is a good idea to carry a spare low beam bulb in the car.
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Fig. 1: Disconnect the wiring from the bulb
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Fig. 2: Rotate the bulb and pull out of the headlight assembly
  1. Disconnect the negative battery terminal.
  2. Open the hood and remove the plastic cover over the headlight assemblies, if equipped.
  3. Disconnect the wiring from the bulb.
  4. Rotate the bulb at the rear of the headlight assembly and pull out.
Do not touch the glass portion of the bulb. This will shorten the life of the bulb. Allow the bulb to cool before removing from the headlight assembly.
  • Install the new bulb and rotate into position. Connect the wiring and replace the plastic cover. Connect the negative battery terminal.

  • If you want to replace the whole assembly. You will have to remove the grille

    E34 5 Series
    1. Open the hood and remove the screws and clips holding the headlight covers. Remove the covers.
    2. Remove the screw at the center of the nose holding the grille.
    3. Press down the clips accessible at the outside of the headlights and pull the grilles forward. Press the clips for the center grille down and remove the center grille.
    4. Remove the screw, depress the clips and remove the side grilles.
    5. Install in reverse order.
    Removing And Installing Left Or Right Double Headlight Complete With Console :
    • Remove radiator grill.
    • Pull off plug.
    • Unscrew screws.
    • Unscrew screws and remove headlight with console.

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    Brake warning light comes on and car will not start intermittently?

    This problem is noticed on many other car models.
    The car actually starts and runs very fine.But suddenly on some day,the car will not start and brake warning light indicator comes on.
    It's possible to have a module shorted out or a faulty starter when the engine turns on 95% of the time.

    For more understanding,read the details as follows :---
    As long as the theft light doesnt flash fast then the security system should be ok. A diagnostic check for codes with a scan tool would need to be done on all control modules to make sure they are working properly and communicating with each other.If one is shorted out it can bring down the system. I dont think its dirctly related to the brake system. But a check for codes would be the place to start. Also you can verify with an assistant that the starter is getting a signal to crank. The starter has two wires to it. The larger red battery cable will have battery voltage at all times and the smaller starter wire will only have battery voltage when the key is held to crank. If its getting power when cranking then the starter is at fault.The starter is located directly on top of the transmission on the drivers side so it is not to bad to get to.

    I would lean more towards an intermittent starter issue or bad connection/loose connection to the starter. A diagnostic check for codes would elimate a lot of unknowns. Most auto parts stores can check only the engine control computer for codes. Other modules are online and work together so they would all need to be checked to be sure no codes are stored to indicate a concern. If you can test the starter as I mentioned when it acts up that will tell you if the starter is getting power and if it is just not responding.

    This details will help you.
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    Radiator leaking?

    Basically if radiator is leaking,then it has to be replaced.
    But it can also be repaired,
    If it is a small crack it can be brazed and sealed. Also it would be the cheapest and easiest thing to do since the radiator has to come out either way.

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    After replacing glow plugs Truck will not start?

    This problem is faced on many dodge and ford diesel truck users.
    After replacing glow plugs the truck will not start.Some times even smoke is noticed out of tail pipe while starting.
    In this cases there are few possibilities that are to be checked inspected.
    The fuel injectors-- If you have unplugged fuel injectors and not connected,fitted injectors properly then this problem can occur.Also check the fuses,wiring connections and fuel filter.

    For understanding more,read this detailed explanation.
    When you changed the glow plugs you also removed the valve covers. The valve cover harness is part of the gasket. A quick way to see if there is any issues with that is to run a check for codes. Theres a good chance the cylinders are loaded up with oil when changing the plugs, hence the smoke. you can try spraying some silicone into the intake and see if you can get it loping to fire. There is alot of concerns with the electircal connections in the valve cover gaskets, they fall apart and/or melt.Check all exterior connections and run codes see if any concerns are present to rule out injector issues.
    Hard startig cold can be a glow plug issue, it can also be a timer issue with its control relay.Make sure it isnt overheated or melted.Check for codes and recheck the wiring inside the valve vcover and to the outside main connector for that bank. It should try to fire even if one bank is down.Also make sure the engine oil level is full and the correct oil.If it is too high ta fuel injector could be leaking down and fill the crankcase. Also too low could cause hard starting since it is a high pressure oil system.

    Getting this possibilities checked will help.
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    EGR Hoses melting?

    This problem is noticed by many others too.
    The EGR hoses getting burned and EGR sensor getting melted.The problem can be faulty EGR valve.So first inspect and replace EGR valve.
    But if the valve is already replaced.
    Then it can be issue with catalytic converter.
    Sounds like the catalytic convertor is plugged in the exuast system or you have a restriction elsewhere in the exhaust system causing an increase in back pressure,lack of power and making the egr system hotter with the increased temps,melting the hoses.You can loosen the header pipe connections and see if you have an increase in power to verify the concern.Catalyic converter failure is the most common based on your description.
    Getting this possibilities checked will help.Thanks.
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    Left bank sensor running lean?

    Ok typically when there is a vacuum leak both banks will run lean or its just setting a code for the one side only.This type of code needs alot of attention to detail to diagnose properly by mnonitoring sensor inputs and such. If its really only running lean on one bank it could be a suspect lazy oxygen sensor not switching fast enough if it has alot of miles on the engine.Both sides lean could be due to a mass air flow sensor, vacuum leak or weak fuel pump. Most causes of a vacuum leak are a bad pcv valve or leak in its hose. A diagnostic check for codes with a scan tool would need to be done running both a Key On Engine Off test and Key On Engine running test be done to chek for hard faults and montioring the oxygen sensor & short term fuel trims and long term fuel trims to know exactly whats the main problem in this type of problem. if you dont have acces to a scan tool thtat can look at live data then you will need to bring it to a shop that does so they can fix it properly.

    This will help.

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    Low idle when cold out side?

    Car has low idle when cold outside,but runs fine when warm outside.

    This are possibilities,which can cause the problem.
    Idle air control valve. Egr pressure valve. ambient air temp sensor.A basic problem noticed in this cases is engine urges up and down and straighten out when warm.

    This problem is not exactly related to vacuum leak.But if all checked ok,then don't ignore checking for vacuum leak.

    If you notice check engine light remaining steady with this problem.
    OK well the light is on for a reason and you need to check out what codes are stored they most likely hold the root problem to your concern. Most autoparts stores can check for codes for free and tell you what area to check,just remember that because it says its a code for something doesn't mean the part itself is bad it can be an electrical concern as well .

    This will help.

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    No 4x4 light on dash?

    2003 ford f150 :

    When i turn the shift on the fly switch on the dash i do not get a 4x4 light, no relay sounds or any resistance as if it shifted into 4x4. The 4x4 light does illuminate briefly when the engine is started so i know the light does operate. Where do I go from here to troubleshoot 4x4 system.

    Since the 4x4 lights at least come on during the key on process then mostof the electrical system should be good but it wouldnt hurt to double check all the fuses in both the underhood and interior fuse panels and be sure they are ok.The F150 has a vacuum actuated shift fork mechanism in the right front axle tube off the front differential and the shift fork like to break. so thats one item to check but if the light isnt comin on at all when shifted in 4x4 you would need to see if the shift motor is turning the transfer case gearset to apply the front driveshaft. A diagnostic check for codes of the GEM/4X4 module would be key and you can check the motor operation as welll. Shift motors are common failures as well.

    Can i myself scan  GEM/4x4 codes or it has to be done by a dealer . Also I have heard of common shift motor failures but would that be the cause of no light or relay sounds when switch is engaged.

    A dealer or a shop with a dealer style scan tool capable of working with the GEM/4X4 module.Auto part shops only sell engine control module readers. The light wont come on until the gear range high or low is engaged and it moves the switch inside the transfer case. You can remove the motor and manually turn the shift motor linkage to each range and verify you have 4x4 engagement and condemn the motor, but its nice to be sure before buying a parts thats a few hundred bucks.

    That will help.

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    How to open rear lift gate?

    Ford Explorer :

    Can't get rear liftgate open, key does not work, power lock does not seem too work, handle seems to be locked. Is there a way to get the door open?

    The only way you are going to open the rear hatch now is by pulling the interior trim panel to the rear door when can be tricky not to damage but its the only way you well be able to manually move the release latch mechanism.

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    Air bag suspension does not inflate?

    When I turn on the SUV I can hear the air compressor turn on but the rear air bags do not inflat.I have tried turning off/on the air compressor switch loacted in passenger side but no luck.

    I had the same problem yesterday. All of a sudden the front of the car seemed higher than the back, and I thought I had a flat. When I got out the driver side rear body was higher than the passenger side. I could hear the compressor, and it kept running after I turned the car off. I had a bumpy ride.

    I took it in and they said one airbag was deflated and the second was badly cracked. I replaced both for $1100. Merry Christmas to me! Now it is running great and no compressor sound.

    Sounds like the seals may have failed in the air shocks themselves. I also think you may have a bleeder valve problem. Follow the lines back and check the bleeder valve to see if it is leaking when you have someone else turn the vehicle on.

    The rear height sensor will turn the air suspension on if it see's the suspension is too low. One of the rear air springs is probably dry rotted and cracked, leaking air.You can spray soapy water onto the rear air springs to check for a leak.Other air leak area is under the brake master cylinder ht air line disintergrates.Check for air leaks.Once it gets to the desired height it should shut down. A diagnostic check for codes with a scan tool made need to be done to check system operation and integrity.

    On the rear suspension.#2 in the illustration below:



    No, it doesnt work that way, it is set to a calibrated ride height that is measured by the sensor, when it see's it is sitting too low, then it turns the compressor on.You could have a problem with the air suspension relay or an air leak as mentioned.It really needs to be checked with a scan tool to get in depth and diagnosis it right without throwing a bunch of parts at it.If it has an air leak,those parts should be replaced.The diagnostic check for codes with a scan tool is needed to check system operation.

    Get it scanned if problem not getting solved.

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    Intermittent rear air suspension losing air?

    Ford Expedition:

    2001 Ford Expedition looses air in the rear air bags after i cut it off. I don't hear any air leaks or anything.

    The air bags release air after it sits. The rear raises back up after starting engine, if you add weight, it raises up even more to compensate for level suspension. It should be fine unless it's sitting almost on thr ground, but it does release air and sit lower.
    There are fill and purge valves for each air bag, and a tiny bit of grit could have caused an intermittent leak that went away with subsequent airflow.

    They are very expensive to find parts for if it fails totally later. Some folks have found parts on ebay. If it's not that important to you to have automatic leveling, you can buy coil springs to replace the airbags, and add airlift 1000 helper bags inside the coils if you need adjustability for towing or whatever.

    The valves and computer are part of the pump assy. It doesn't talk on the normal serial data bus to a scan tool can't extract failure codes from it, but it WILL flash the LED near the tire inflator hose connector inside the car if it sees internal problems like leaks and sensor faults. We can interpret those codes.

    The springs are a GM part. You will have to pay top $ to get them at a dealer, and they may have to get them from a warehouse.
    I know there's a shock difference, but I don't think anybody knows the exact details. Probably not a big deal to ignore for now.

    The air ride suspension valves replaced because they were all leaking. And suddenly it sounds  like car running over the groves on the edge of the pavement only I wasn't. Backed off the throttle and it sounded like car was running straight exhaust with severe vibration.

    Felt sure I would find the drive shaft was the problem. The rear air bags had lost all the air. Crawling up under I discovered the linkage from the air valve had come out and allowed all the air out. 

    The linkage was laying across the axle in good shape, just re-installed,went to Home Depot and bought a bolt to lock it in place--the old one had come out allowing the rod to fall out. Don't know if all air ride valves work this way but might not be a bad idea to check on occasion. I took the lock bolt back out ,reached my car garage  and used some locktite on it.
    Till now all is well and problem is SOLVED.

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