Tuesday, December 27, 2011

HP Compaq d530 SFF PC Desktop Processor fan?

HP Compaq d530 Small Form Factor Desktop PC processor fan is running always in high speed, I will check in bios to control the fan speed. I adjusted the speed to low in bios but it is practically not changed. I will change the fan with another one but no change will occured .

Took it to the PC repair tech and he toldthere is no way it depends on ur processor if it is getting hot it might have to stay high to cool it.
He told me that my processor is getting hot more then required,so fan runs high to maintain the processor cooling level.The fan/heat sink on these models get plugged with dust very easily, use an air compressor or can of air to blow the dust out of the heat sink and fan. In extreme cases the thermal paste gets dried out and needs to be re-applied to properly cool the processor.After applying the thermal paste,my problem is SOLVED.

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