Saturday, December 17, 2011

Hard Brake Pedal?

Go through list of possibilities that can cause hard brake pedal issues on vehicles.

You notice problems like :----

  • Brake pedal very hard to push down.
  • It becomes stiff. 
  • The brake pedal hard to push or press.
  • Hard pedal intermittently when braking.
This problems are noticed by many car users.

The driver's complaint of a hard pedal normally indicates a problem with the power brake booster.A brake pad or shoe that is sticking, causing the brake fluid to boil. When brake fluid boils, it expands and can cause the hard brake pedal.However it can also be caused by a restricted brake line or hose.Bent brake line or foreign material in the brake fluid. Carefully check the lines and hoses for damage. Feel the brake hoses. If they seem to have lost their rigidity, the hose may have collapsed on the inside and this is causing the restriction. Restrictions can also be caused by frozen caliper or wheel cylinder pistons.

Below is the list of possibilities that can cause Hard Brake Pedal:----

  1. Faulty Brake Power Booster.
  2. Worn, Damaged, or Faulty Brake Caliper.
  3. Faulty Brake Master Cylinder.
  4. Clogged, Kinked or Damaged Brake Hose.
  5. Worn, Damaged, or Faulty Wheel Cylinder.
  6. Damaged or Faulty Proportioning Valve.
  7. Brake Pad/Shoe Contaminated With Grease or Brake Fluid.
  8. Brake Pad/Shoe Wet From Driving or Standing in Water.
  9. Glazed or Excessively Worn Brake Pad/Shoe.
  10. Brake Rotor Is Glazed or Warped From Overheating.
  11. Glazed Brake Drum. 
  12. Contaminated Brake Fluid.
Please check both front and rear brake parts and components.
Any of this can be worn out or faulty and that can cause this issue.

Getting this possibilities checked/inspected will help. 

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