Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Why is my passenger side higher than the driver side?

Ford Expedition :

Two wheel drive passenger side goes up higher than the drivers side.uneven ride.

The height sensor is a sensor that control air compressor on air shock.it keep vechicle level.if height sensor senses distance between frame and suspension .It will admit air to shock by controling the air compressor.Check the air shock on driver side.BESURE TO TURN OFF ELECTRICAL POWER TO AIR SUSPENSION BEFORE RAISING VEHICLE.

Adding preload to the springs? Adding preload (compressing the spring while the suspension is at full droop) RAISES the ride height.

Also if you want equal body height on each side, the spring perches will NEVER be in the same position on each side. Don't worry about getting them in the same position on each side. Just adjust them until you get the body height from ground that you want.


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