Sunday, December 25, 2011

Dell 5650 speaker issues For Windows XP?

Try this troubleshooting.Try swapping the speakers around if the problem still persists either the speaker is faulty or the speakers plug/outlet is usually at the back of the computer. You will have to open up the computer to check the lead attached to the rear of the input plug, make sure the connection is good or you might have to clean the dust from your computer dust causes static which causes your computer to overheat and all sorts of problems.Be sure to wear an anti static earth strap before touching anything inside your computer.Try cleaning your computer of dust using a fine air blower, from a compressor making VERY sure that there is no MOISTURE in the air line specifically around the CPU central processing unit and your SOUND CARD. Dust causes static to build up in a computer causing it to overheat any many other problems.

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