Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Rear suspension wont raise?

1998 Ford Expedition :

The rear suspension on my 1998 Ford Expedition wont raise. I checked all the lines for leaks front to back, the bags as well. I tested the operation of the rear electronic leveling valve and that is working. It engages the compressed when moved manually and when I jack up the truck and let it back down with the key switch on. I replaced each air bag solenoid because I verified air was present at the solenoids and bags and verified voltage present to both. There is air in the bags but it never raises enough to get the ride height to the correct level. The truck rides on the axle rubber stops more so on the right than the left. The compressor seems to run more than it should also. Again there are no leaks in the system. Previous repairs where replacement of the compressor that went bad and front air shocks which where bad. The rear suspension problem happened months after those repairs. The check suspension light comes on after driving around for a while but will go off if I turn off the truck and turn it back on.

Took it to my mechanic friend he told ...............

I have a similar problem, do you remember where you bough the air bags and how much you paid for them? It was a leak on the left air bag and we need to replace it .

But this was not the problem in my case. So my mechanic friend indicated me towards ...........

leak in one of the strut Assembly.

And he was absolutely right this time.

It was an inner leak in one of the strut Assembly. in rear side.
This helped me to get my problem SOLVED.

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