Sunday, December 25, 2011


First make sure there are no discs in your drives ,it might be try to boot from a non boot device.
Restart your computer repeatedly tapping the f8 key to enter safe mode while the screen is black. Once in safe mode where the only things working will be your keyboard and mouse allowing you to attempt to repair your computer .

You could select the option start.At last known configuration that worked.This will tell you if and what file has been corrupted or missing ,then you will know if its a hardware issue, then select restart --  if the problem still persists f8 back into safe mode you might need to select your operating system to load into safe mode .

click start-- control panel --administration tools-- computer management-- in the left panel events + to expand then system you will see all errors in right panel, right click --select properties. This will tell you what has occurred and the time it occurred .

You might use the system restore to restore your system to an earlier time.To do this  click start --all programs ---accessories --system tools-- you should see your system restore option. If it is a hardware issue the system restore might not work otherwise it will solve the problem.

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