Wednesday, December 14, 2011

How to replace car Brake Cable?

The Brake cable is actually three parts: ---
A forward cable, intermediate cable and rear cable. 
The forward (front) cable attaches between the pull handle/foot pedal emergency brake actuator and the intermediate cable that's between the forward and rear cable units.The rear brake backing plate puts into motion the rear brake shoes/pads to prevent movement of the vehicle. Occasionally, you'll encounter another brake system cable that actuates a band/clamp style emergency brake set up.
See below how this cable looks

First inspect the brake cable components,before replacing it.
The details with proper diagram is as follows :----

Integral parking brake components.
  • Check the parking brake for free movement of the parking brake cables in the conduits.
  • If necessary, apply a lubricant to free the cables.
  • Check for worn equalizer and linkage parts.
  • Replace any defective parts.
  • Check for broken strands in the cables.
  • Replace any cable that has broken strands or shows signs of wear.
During a rear brake job, the emergency brake cables are disconnected from the brake linings.
  • This provides a good opportunity to lubricate the cables.
  • From the underside of the vehicle, pull the cables as far as possible.
  • Wipe them off and inspect them.
  • Apply clean grease to them and push them back into their sheaths.
  • Another way of lubricating a cable is to apply penetrating oil to its sheath (the metal cover that surrounds it).
  • Usually, you can only do this on the ends where the cable has no plastic insulating cover.

  • The parking brake cable usually has a spring-loaded clip that fits into the brake backing plate.
  • If a parking brake cable requires replacement, use a small hose clamp to help remove it from the backing plate.

See the image below for more help.

Use a small hose clamp to depress the retaining tabs.

This details will help you.
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