Monday, December 26, 2011

Oldsmobile Aurora will not start?

I have a '97 Cutlass Supreme SL coupe with 3.1 V6, 115500 miles and it was running good until recently when it would die and not even try to start. the fuel pump and filter were changed and it ran for awhile but now it died again and won't start. I know there is a relay for the pump, but would there be a kill switch of any kind like some cars have to cut off fuel if there was an accident? If so, how can I reset it? I 'm pretty sure it's a fuel problem because the valve on the fuel rail had very little pressure with ignition switch on. I have a 97 old aurora that just dies while I am driving. After it dies it is hard to start and it smells like gas. I have had new spark plugs, wires and fuel filter about 1,000 miles ago.

It could be a bad crankshaft sensor or a bad coil on the aurora on the cutlass there is a kill switch but i dont remember where its located.Get help from your local car mechanic.

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