Monday, December 26, 2011

heater blows cold due to faulty blend door actuator?

Heater is blowing cold air. Could it be that my coolant is low? For the last couple of weeks the heater went from blowing warm/hot air to cool/warm air to now just blowing cool air. I have smelt a chemical smell in the garage after returning home from the office. And I have noticed that I have a very small leak on the garage floor. Therefore, should I try adding some anti-freeze and see if this helps?
Took it to my friends car garage,he inspected the leak,but it was not the problem,he sealed the leak,but still the problem was same.Further investigation showed that actuator that opens & closes the air blend door quit working.
Replacing that blend door actuator solved the problem.
This is easy to see if you remove glove box. The actuator will move when you adjust the temp selector (do this while the heater is running).

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