Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Low idle when cold out side?

Car has low idle when cold outside,but runs fine when warm outside.

This are possibilities,which can cause the problem.
Idle air control valve. Egr pressure valve. ambient air temp sensor.A basic problem noticed in this cases is engine urges up and down and straighten out when warm.

This problem is not exactly related to vacuum leak.But if all checked ok,then don't ignore checking for vacuum leak.

If you notice check engine light remaining steady with this problem.
OK well the light is on for a reason and you need to check out what codes are stored they most likely hold the root problem to your concern. Most autoparts stores can check for codes for free and tell you what area to check,just remember that because it says its a code for something doesn't mean the part itself is bad it can be an electrical concern as well .

This will help.

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