Monday, December 12, 2011

How to Replace Blower Motor Wheel?

The blower fan or squirrel cage is rotated by the blower motor shaft thereby forcing air through the heater core or A/C evaporator core and into the passenger compartment.
This is how the blower motor Wheel looks:----

Replacing the wheel on a blower motor can bring more air circulation power to your heating and cooling system. A blower motor cage collects dust and debris over time, which causes more resistance on the blower motor.
Replacing blower motor wheel is not very hard,just basic tools are required like screw driver and pliers.Can be easily available at local auto parts store.
Blower motor wheel is fitted to blower motor by threaded nut.Remove the nut with pliers.
The wheel will be easy/loose to be removed.Remove the wheel from the blower motor and inspect the blower motor for any large particles of debris which might inhibit proper rotation.If its dirty,then clean that area and then install new blower motor wheel.New wheel onto the blower motor. Tighten the fastener nut back .Its done.

This procedure will help you to replace blower motor wheel,if its faulty/worn out.
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