Monday, December 12, 2011

How to Inspect Car battery?

Very important part of your car.The car Battery.When car battery looses its charge or gets faulty.The car starting and electrical problems will be noticed.
The car battery stores chemical energy that's released as electricity when connected to an electrical device, like the starter motor.Whenever the engine isn't running or the charging system cannot generate enough electricity to support all of the car's electrical demands, it supplies electricity to run headlights, turn signals, interior lights, the radio and other accessories. The entire vehicle ignition system is completely dependent on the battery's constant voltage supply.
If you notice no start problem in your car and no other accessory or light is working,then first inspect cars battery.
The procedure to inspect car battery is as follows :----
See below the image of car battery.

Visually inspect the battery cover and case for dirt and grease.
Check the electrolyte level.
Inspect the case for cracks, loose terminal posts, and other signs of physical damage.
Check for missing cell plug covers and caps.
Inspect all cables for broken or corroded wires, frayed insulation, or loose or damaged connectors.

See the diagram below that shows battery cables.There are two battery cables.Red and Black.One is positive and other is negative.Inspect if this cables are loose or got dirty.

Visually check battery terminals, cable connectors, metal parts, hold-downs, and trays for corrosion damage or buildup.
Normally this corrosion can be cleaned off with a mixture of baking soda and water. However, if there is heavy corrosion, the battery should be removed and the battery cleaned.
Check the heat shield for proper installation on vehicles so equipped.

This basic procedure will help you to inspect and confirm the car battery problem.

This details will help you.
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