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Car Battery Servicing?

When car battery is tested weak and or inspected dirty then before replacing car battery,first service the car battery and see if it starts operating.Also if battery looks dirty,then as a regular car maintenance service/ clean your car battery.
First go through this details to understand your car battery.

How to Inspect Car battery?


How to Test Car Battery?


Now go through this details below to service your cars battery.

Cleaning Your Battery
Before removing battery connectors or the battery itself for cleaning or other service, always neutralize accumulated corrosion on terminals, connectors, and other metal parts.
  • Always wear the proper safety equipment when working with batteries. use safety glasses and rubber gloves.
  • Apply a solution of baking soda and water or ammonia and water.
  • If you use a baking soda solution, use one tablespoon of baking soda to eight ounces of warm water.
  • Do not splash the corrosion onto the vehicle's paint, metal or rubber parts, or onto your hands and face.
  • Be sure the solution cannot enter the battery cells.
  • A stiff bristle brush is ideal for removing heavy buildup. Dirt and accumulated grease can be removed with a detergent solution or solvent.
  • After cleaning, rinse the battery and cable connections with clean water. Dry the components with a clean rag or low-pressure compressed air.
  • Remove the battery cables ends, and soak them in your cleaning solution. Rinse thoroughly.
Then, follow the instructions below to thoroughly clean your battery.
  • Remove your battery.
Mix a solution of baking soda and water.
Brush the baking soda solution over the battery case, but don't allow the solution to enter the cells of the battery.

Allowing the solution to enter the cells of the battery creates a safety hazard and can also destroy the battery.
Flush the baking soda off with water.
Use a scraper and wire brush to remove corrosion from the hold-down hardware.
Brush the baking soda solution over the hold-down hardware and then flush with water.
Allow the hardware to dry, then paint it with corrosion-proof paint.

  • Use a terminal cleaner brush to clean the battery cables.
  • Use a terminal cleaner brush to clean the battery posts.
  • Install the battery back into the tray. Also install the hold-down hardware.
  • Install the positive battery cable. Then install the negative cable.
  • Coat the terminals with corrosion preventative spray, then check the job by starting the car.
Battery Charging
Both fast- and slow-charging units are used to recharge batteries. Each has its advantages. Fast chargers are the most popular. They charge batteries at a higher rate or charge--usually 40 amperes for 12-volt batteries and 70 amperes for 6-volt batteries. At this rate, fast chargers can recharge most batteries in about 1 hour. However, batteries must be in good condition to accept a fast charge. Sulfation on the plates of the battery can lead to excessive gassing, boiling, and heat buildup during fast charging. Never fast charge a battery that shows evidence of sulfation buildup or separator damage.
Trickle chargers provide low charging currents of about 5 to 15 amperes. Slow charging may require 12 to 24 hours but is the only safe way of charging sulfated batteries. In general, almost any battery can be charged at any current rate as long as excessive electrolyte gassing does not occur and the electrolyte temperature does not exceed 125°F (51.6°C). However, when time is available, slow charging is the safest and easiest method to use. In fact, many fast chargers can be adjusted to provide slow charging. The basic rule of thumb for slow charging a battery is 1 ampere for each positive plate in one cell. Use the chart below to determine the rate of charge according to the reserve capacity of the battery.

See this sample help guide for battery charge:-----
Table showing the rate and time of slow charging a battery according to reserve 

capacity. Courtesy of Battery Council International.
  • Perform charging in a well-ventilated area away from sparks and open flames.
  • Always be sure the charger is off before connecting or disconnecting the leads to the battery.
  • Remember to wear eye protection, and never attempt to charge a frozen battery.
  • All battery chargers have manufacturer-specific characteristics and operating instructions that must be followed.
  • When charging a battery in the vehicle, always disconnect the battery cables to avoid damaging the generator or other electrical components.
Do not exceed the manufacturer's battery charging limits. Also, never charge the battery if the built-in hydrometer registers clear or light yellow. Replace the battery.

This basic procedure will help you to inspect and confirm the car battery problem.

This details will help you.
If you need dis-assembly or replacement instructions for any other auto/car part, or you want to ask question related to your car/truck jeep problem then please leave the comment with your details, so I can provide you the required instructions and solutions.

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  3. car battery servicing is a artful work you done, thanks for sharing the useful tips which could be much handy for everyone,A very easy way to prolong the life of your Car batteries to keep it clean. Most of the time you
    can simply use a soft rag to wipe it down, but if it has become grimy you may need to use a mild

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