Friday, January 13, 2012

How to Refit Rear seat on Rover 600?

Now this is simply a reversal of the removal procedure.

1)Start by fitting the seat base into the car, ensure that the two front hooks fit into the floor correctly.
2) Properly place and fit the seat base with the 3 10mm bolts.
3) Make sure that you've not lost the washers that are on the bolts. 
4)When fitting them  pull all of the seatbelt buckles through the seat in the correct places.

The seat backs can now be refitted. Start with the smallest, push the pivot point into the side of the car and then lift the seat onto the bracket and push it down into place. Now do the same for the larger section.
Once the seats are in push them back so that they lock into place. Now go into the hatchback and retighten the 13mm bolt in the central support bracket to secure the seats.
Next step is to refit the seatbelt mechanism/reel to the new seat. The seatbelt mechanism/reel will only locate into the seat one way, so you cant get it wrong, once in place check to make sure that the seatbelt isn't twisted and then secure it with the 18mm nyloc nut. Now refit the plastic trim by clipping it onto the seat at the top (push it downwards to clip it on) and then replacing the two phillips screws.

This details will help.

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