Monday, January 9, 2012

Buying second hand 2007 Toyota Corolla sedan?

Buying old cars is very much in form.But sometimes you go through with very bad experience.The second hand car which you buy gives you lots of problem.So doing proper research is very much necessary.
Every car has a VIN number.

In this case the buyer is purchasing the Toyota car which was actually on lease buy some other owner.But this owner was not able to pay his due and car was claimed by the dealer.
On this Toyota corolla Sedan model this is 17 digit VIN number.2T1BR32E67C820222.
The VIN number will be different for every car.

The A0J campaign for the computer does not apply to your VIN and that is the only thing that would have been an issue. This is a very good car and very reliable. There have been very few issues. Make sure you can find the service history. Oil changes are everything to the life of this and any engine. If it is a lease car some lease owners are not good at spending the money on services. If the dealer sold and maintained the car see if they have some history. Other then this you should have lots of life out of this vehicle.

Unless you have a complete inspection done somewhere else I would not advise buying without the service records. Lease returns are higher risk. The computer was the only issue on 2007 Toyota car models.Also i have seen a few Water pumps fail but that is about it.

If this basic tests pass and checked ok,then yes you can purchase this vehicle.

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