Thursday, January 12, 2012

Details for replacing right side slide door light switch on Toyota Sienna?

The symptoms like door light not turning on when door is open.
The van locks even with door open.

In this cases the sliding door light switch is faulty and needs to be replaced.
On the rear door post or the backside of the door opening for the sliding door you will find a black rubber boot about 0.5" x 1". Lift up the bottom of the rubber boot and it will expose a 10 mm bolt that holds the door pin switch into place. Remove the bolt and pull the switch out. There'll be a electrical connector with a lock tab that you release pushed down on the lock tab and remove the connector from the switch. Put a piece of tape around the wire so does not fall down inside the body. These pin switches are notorious for failing. It is a fairly simple process to replace it. The part number is 84231-08030. It retails for about $20.

This details will help.

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