Thursday, January 19, 2012

Car accelerates very poor?

There are multiple possibilities for this,

Disconnect the EGR valve and see if you notice any more difference.
Problem with MAF sensor,TPS,Coolant sensor,spark plugs,MAP sensr can also cause poor acceleration problems.

On acceleration does the engine feel like it has a misfire at all or does it just not have allot of power on acceleration?

OUT of this if you notice this as follows ..............
It will start to accelerate then it won't gain any more speed, pushing more on the accelerator doesn't do anything, along the way it feels like it might be misfiring (more of a slight hesitation) but certainly doesn't feel like the classic misfire.

If you notice this,then .........
Its plugged catalytic converter from here,I would have the exhaust backpresure tested to see f it is plugged,it shouldnt be any more then 1.5 psi of pressure through idle to full throttle.Another tell tale sign of a severe plugged cat is to check the heat from the cat after running the engine,both the inlet to the cat and the outlet side of it should be very close to the same temp,if the front inlet side of it is hot but the rear is allot cooler then it is plugged.
This details will help you to confirm.

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