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ABS light comes on and Car makes Grinding noise?

Very common problems noticed on Toyota car models.
This problems occurs suddenly.Basically you will not notice this on normal city roads,but this problem occurs on highways where car runs with more speed.
The first thing you check in this cases is,do you get any kind of steady warning light on dash or not.If YES,then get the cars computer module scanned.But if there is no check engine light or any other steady warning light coming then get the computer module scanned with dealer scan tool.Some OBD codes are scanned with dealers modified tool only.

Many Toyota Sienna users come with this complaint that,there car dash gives steady warning light on dash and notice a beep,but only for few seconds.And when getting the Toyota computer module scanned,there is no problem detected.

On that cases i will say ...............
That warning light and then beeping is normal for your typical activation of the vehicle skid control system. However that's not supposed to happen while cruising down the road on dry highways. The dealer is telling you that there is nothing in the ABS system that was logged. Essentially what they're saying is that there are no codes set in the history or in pending in the computer. What you're going to find is happening is that you're getting premature activation of the vehicle skid control system. 
One of two things usually causes this. 

The first and most common is a malfunctioning steering angle sensor. I have replaced several of these for this exact same complaint. It normally will not set a malfunction code. Essentially what happens is when you're cruising down the road for no reason the steering angle sensor will sense or send a signal to the traction control computer telling it that you're making a sharp left or right and turn which given the calculations in the vehicle skid control computer based on the speed it thinks that you just made a major turn or swerve at high speeds. It then kicks into action and attempts to keep the vehicle straight. In reality the wheel was never moving much more than a couple of degrees to keep it centered in the Highway. The only way that you can confirm this is you're going to have to drive the vehicle with the technician or have the technician drive the vehicle with the scan tool hooked up to the vehicle skid control computer and monitor this steering angle sensor reading. The moment that it starts to act up he should be recording the data and it will show a jump or Spike in the degree reading left or right positive or negative depending on how it malfunctions. Under normal operations as you turn the wheel to the left then to the right the degree reading on the scan tool will show anywhere from 0° at straight ahead to 720° plus or minus for 2 revolutions. The only other thing I've seen go wrong is the yaw rate sensors. In 2004 the sienna had major problems with this sensor. This essentially does the same thing the yaw rate sensor sends a signal detecting any GeForce of the vehicle. If an inaccurate signal gets sent to the traction control computer it also will kick on the vehicle skid control system. This sensor is tested or checked the same way as the steering angle sensor. Normally I put both of these sensor datas on the data list and record and go drive the vehicle. They're very easy to detect when the problem occurs. This just takes time on the technicians part to drive and duplicate the problem then identify and solve.

This details will help.Thanks.

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