Sunday, January 8, 2012

How to replace wheel bearing on Honda Civic?

Honda Civic uses a double-wishbone front suspension system and pressed-in wheel bearings called hub bearings. 
For the back remove the dust shield for the nut. Then remove said nut and remove hub/bearing. If they are rear disks you will need to remove the caliper and rotor.

For the front remove the knuckle from the car including removing the brakes. Then press out the hub, remove the snap ring and press out the bearing. Installation is the reverse of removal.

You really do need access to a press.
Take the knuckle to a shop and have them press it in and out. most shops will have a press, not all are willing, but keep asking around, someones going to help you out for a modest fee.
Removing the Steering Knuckle.The steering knuckle should be removed in a logical order. It is attached to the rest of the suspension by the ball joints, the tie rod end and the drive axle nut.

Once the axle nut and tie rod are removed, the ball joints can be removed.

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