Saturday, January 21, 2012

Windshield wipers keep hitting each other?

It could be that your wipers arms were off at one time and someone didn't align them properly.or the wiper transmission (the linkage) is worn out.

The gears that the wiper blade are out of sync. try getting them both up as high as you can and manually adjust them (move) so they are spread apart properly.

Also its quite possible that one of the wiper blades is frozen to the windshield and worn the wiper arm causing it to get out of time with the other. Try this procedure:--------Turn the wipers off and let them park in the off position then take the one that is not down off position and move it down to where it should be and tighten the mounting nut to lock it in place.

In some cases wiper blades gets dropped and needs bit adjustment and that helps.So properly inspect the wiper blade holding nut.This will give better idea.

In some cases both wiper arms needs to be removed and refixed.That helps.
This basic troubleshooting will definitely help

Keep updated if more help required.

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