Saturday, January 14, 2012

flickering screen at startup on acer aspire?

I had the same issue. Running vista 32 on the aspire 5920g and no issues with flickering. I had to upgrade to windows 7 and i also downloaded the drivers from acer.com for w7 for the nvidia card too and there it is, nice annoying flickering.

SOLUTION ---------
: download the old driver from acer.com for vista 32 bit (home premium is my version) and no flicker with the old one!

This is an issue that is related to Nvidia PowerMizer. Every time the GPU changes the clock frequency, the screen flickers.
This happens in both Linux and Windows with drivers newer than 17x.xx (as these drivers were not available for Vista, the problem didn't exist then.)

The easy way out is downloading an older driver - I use the 179.48 beta driver in Win 7, and the 173.xx driver that Ubuntu provides.

But if all this is already tried and still the problem is same then its internal hardware issue.
Hook it up to an external monitor does it do the same thing? Does moving the screen affect it any?

If you notice there is no flickering,that leaves two things, inverter or screen itself. inverter would be the cheapest of the two. i would start with the inverter.

This will help.

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