Friday, January 13, 2012

How to Remove Rear seat on Rover 600?

There are 3 10mm bolts at the back of the seats.One in the corners and one in the middle push the foam down and you will see them
First off all lay the seat backs down and remove them, Drivers side first then passenger side, then if you look at the back of the seat cushion you'll see a 10mm bolt, undo this and then lift the seat up and it'll come out fairly easily.
First of all, open the hatchback and remove the parcel shelf from the car to aid access.

Inside the boot you'll see a bracket supporting the rear seats, it's at the bottom where the seats split 1/3. On this bracket you'll see a 13mm bolt facing the rear of the car (shown in the pic below) loosen this bolt completely, this will enable the seats to be removed from the supporting bracket.

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