Monday, January 23, 2012

Hot air on the drivers side vents only?

Noticed by many car drivers,its a common problem on many car brands.
In this case the problem is noticed on Toyota matrix single climate control.

First of all check that there is no air pockets in the cooling line from where the coolant passes.

I suggest you to read this details as follows :---

Provided you have no air pockets and you have good coolant flow through the radiator and the heater hoses appear to be hot top the bottom what you're going to find is that the passenger side of the heater core is plugged. This is becoming more and more common. These are vertical tubes that run across the heater core. As the coolant flows through the tubes on the far right side of the heater core get restricted first and slowly work their way back towards the driver side. You will still have good coolant flow and the hoses will be hot you just continue to lose more and more of the right side of the heater core. Typically these have to be replaced. However I did remove the heater core for a friend and carefully tapped on the heater core and flushed it back and forth and continued to tap and bang on the core to break the sediment loose as I flushed it completely with hot water to feel it to get hot as I continue to clean it.

Also see the diagram below for more understanding :-----]

The hardest part is getting the little crimp tabs bent over far enough to release the heater core tubes that go into the heater core itself. Then the heater core should slide out the driver side. Whether or not you can handle this depends on your mechanical abilities and patience.

This details will help.

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