Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Toyota Highlander Sport Oil change details?

The oil filter on Toyota Highlander sport is quite different then other models.

This is a cartridge type filter. It is not necessary to remove the drain plug in the bottom of the housing. It is supposed to drain the oil prior to removing the case assembly but it still makes a mess on your hands. It takes a cap wrench that fits over the end of the housing. Do not try and use a clamping style filter wrench you will damage the housing. The cap wrench fits perfectly then remove counter clockwise. Pull the cartridge out and install the new one fully. The filter should come with a new large o'ring for the case make sure you replace it in the right spot. This housing can be tight especially if someone over tightened it.

A cap wrench is the specific tool for this job.
It fits all later model Toyota cartridge filter housings. Most Auto parts stores sell them just tell them it is for the 08 highlander. No the filter drains separate if you choose to drain it before removal. Most mechanics do not they just pull the housing and let it drain out as they remove it. You have to remove the housing by unscrewing it counter clockwise to get the filter out but you do not replace the housing just the filter element.

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