Sunday, January 8, 2012

Parking light stay on constantly?

In this case the problem is noticed on 1993 jeep grand wagoneer.
Start with main light switch.Is it ON,if yes,then,turn it OFF.
If the problem is same.Then, inspect the fuse.If its ok,then other major troubleshooting is required.

In most of the cases this parking lights stays ON and drains the car/jeep battery.So for this you can remove the main lead fuse under the hood. That turns most everything off.So this will not drain your battery.

As per 1993 Jeep Wagoneer details,you jeep has trailer tow package with the 7 pin connector at the rear.

Water may collect in the trailer tow connector housing causing corrosion. Exterior or interior lights may come on regardless of switch position. Battery may run down. Trailer lights may be inoperative when connected.

Inspect the trailer tow connector for any signs of an abnormal build up of corrosion. The corrosion may be present at the connector terminals or at the harness connections inside the housing. The corrosion may form bridges between the connector terminals

This involves replacing the trailer tow harness and modifying the connector housing to form a water drain.
Disconnect the negative battery cable.
Remove the trailer tow connector from the bracket on the trailer hitch.
Remove the trailer hitch.
Remove the tailgate opening floor trim panel.
Remove the tailgate opening roof trim panel.
Remove the D-pillar trim panel.
Remove the right side quarter trim panel.
Disconnect the trailer tow harness from the body harness. Remove the harness from the vehicle.
Install the new harness, P/N 56017622, being sure to seat the grommets and attaching pins.
Install the trim panels previously removed.
Install the trailer hitch.
Attach the trailer tow connector to the bracket.
Using a die grinder or suitable tool, grind a drain notch 1/2 inch wide and 1/8 inch deep in the connector housing as shown below.
Apply a coating of Silicone Dielectric Grease, P/N J8126688, to the connector terminals.
Connect the battery terminal.

This details should help.


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