Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Fail smog test due to gas filter hose?

Check the vacuum hoses and the hose that is on the pressure regulator was off. This hose goes from the pressure regulator to the Gas Filter to the MAP sensor.

The hose from the gas filter on the intake manifold to the pressure regulator will cause the HC to rise. This is due to the higher fuel pressure. Higher fuel pressure can contribute to higher CO readings also, it essentially runs too rich and depending on the condition of your secondary ignition such as spark plug wires and spark plugs you could get incomplete burn and drive up your HC. Make sure your filter is clean and you have good spark plugs and wires. Make sure the oil is clean and the engine is thoroughly warmed up.

There is nature leakage past the rings on a compression and burn in the cylinder. This is called blow by if it is excessive or if the oil is contaminated it contributes to excessive emissions. The blow by is vented through the PCV system and burned and compensated for.

If oil is recently replaced,then no need o replace oil,but if its old,then it has to be replaced.
Running this for 2 months it can contaminate the oil or thin it out and drive up the emissions with the blow by.

This details will help.
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