Friday, November 2, 2012

Mitsubishi Montero Fail Safe Issues

Truck Starts fine,but will not go more then 30 KMph

Customers Issue:-----

My Mitsubishi starts fine,but will not run more then 30 Kmph,is it a fail safe issue.Its 2003 Montero Truck.
The acceleration is very poor.

Garage Experts Reply:---

I dont think so,as per your problem,i suggest you to get the vehicles Engine computer module checked,such problems are very common on these Mitsubishi vehicles.

As per your vehicle model,there are two fail safe systems on these trucks.
One is transmission fail safe issue.The transmission fail safe provides Reverse and 3rd gear only (and some harsh engagement as electronics are shut down), but that doesn't fit your issue.
The other fail safe issue is electronic throttle control.On late 2003 year model vehicles went to an electronic throttle  just snaps the throttle shut to about 5% opening and you lose all throttle response.... again it doesn't fit your issue..... plus any throttle body anomaly should set a fault without fail.
So if in your case,is there any check engine light coming up on dash.Is there anmy warning indicator light showing on dash.If yes,get the engine module scanned and see what codes are set in module.As per that you can continue further.

Customers Reply:---

What if the Warning light comes after sometime.

Garage Expert:---

Suppose if its a skewed ECT reading lets say 40F low, then you could have over fueling that under load just floods it too much....this is something that could take a long time to set a engine light as well, though I would expect some idle quality issues especially on cold start were that the case.

You can try these,

Unhook those pre-cats. These cats are notorious for failure, and that would certainly give you poor acceleration and very low top end. As per level of performance received, you should probably even be able to tell from putting your hand behind the exhaust to feel for flow.

Customers Reply:----

I will try these troubleshooting,Thanks.

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