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2003 Mitsubishi ECU Reflashing

ECU Re-flashing For Mitsubishi

I would like to share these Mitsubishi ECU Reflashing Garage Experience

A customer visited to our garage regarding Flashing Engine Control Unit/Module.

Customer Vehicle Details:---

Make: Mitsubishi,Model: Montero,Year: 2003

Garage Expert:---

The actual flashing is not required when new ECU is connected to the vehicle,in case of Mitsubishi montero. The ECU is matched to the immobilizer ecu as soon as you program the keys to the new ecu. That is all there is to it on a 2003.

Customers Reply:----
Is it necessary to take the vehicle to the dealer.Also will old working ECU compatible for Mitsubishi montero will work or else i will have to buy new ECU.

Garage Expert:----

Its easy,it can be done manually with proper tools.

There is no need to take the vehicle to the dealer to program up the ecu to the key immobilizer.
Please read and understand these simple detail.

You can use old working ECU work on your vehicle.But to make the replacement computer work in a 2003 all you need to do is hook up the scan tool, access the immobilizer ecu, register the key(s), and the engine ECU and immobilizer ecu will be paired and the engine will run. There is nothing else to it, and no reason to buy a new ECU.Another old but working ECU will support your vehicle.Just make sure its compatible to your vehicle.

But for older car models of same Mitsubishi montero models,these case is completely different.On older models like before year 2000 you could not install a used ECU unless you had the matching used immobilizer ecu, as that year the two were permanently married and would never work mismatched afterward. This changed mid-year 2001 however and does not affect your vehicle.
So in your case,where the vehicle is 2003 Mitsubishi the problem is easy to solve.

Customers Reply:----

Can i remove the ECU from my vehicle and bring it to your garage to get it reprogrammed.

Garage Expert:-----
No my dear customer,its not possible.The ECU has to be in the vehicle and then only it can be reprogrammed.

The ecu must be in the vehicle to register the key, no exceptions there.
You can get spare second hand,used ECU online on Ebay and other Auto parts site.It approximately costs about $150 to $200 utmost.

Customers Reply:--

Why my ECU failed.If i replace the faulty ECU,is it possible that my new ECU will fail soon.Is there a problem in my car causing these ECU failure.

Garage Expert:---

Its very rare.I'll tell you that ECU failures are pretty rare on these vehicle brand models, and when they do occur it is normally either one coil dropping out entirely or no power up at all.

Customers Reply:---


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