Thursday, November 29, 2012

Main radiator cooling fan is not working

Ford Cooling fan not working 

A/C fan runs but Engine cooling fan (the radiator one) is not running.

Ford Edge 2007 V6 model:

On most of such cases the problem is related to faulty cooling fan module.Its a costly part about $700 to $800.

But before getting the module directly replaced get the module tested first :----

The module is not getting a good ground and there is high resistance.Causing the module to fail.
The module is not getting good power and its running at lower volts than needed.
One of the fans has high resistance and is overheating the fan module.Can also short the fan module.

]What i suggest you to do is rewire the connections directly from 12 volt source.

Directly wire each fan separate to power and ground and use an ammeter on the wires to see if one fan is drawing more amps than the other.
Then OHM test your ground to the module while the fans are being used. Then voltage test the power while both fans are being used.

To test these i provide you the fan and fan module wiring diagram for ford edge:----

radiator fan wiring diagram


  • With both fans  running check the power at the fan module it should be  12.6 volts or near to that.This indicates that the fans are getting  required voltages power. If its very low then replace the wire.

  • Now again with both fan running  check the resistance to ground at the module. There should be no resistance to ground, if there is then replace the wire or check the wires connection to ground.

  • Main testing  rewire the fans directly to the battery.Because battery is main 12 volt source and fan needs basic 12 volt to function and run. After both are running and have been for a bit check the made power wire to see how many amps both fans are drawing. They should not be over 20 amps. If they are then the fan is bad.And has to be replaced.

These details will help.

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