Wednesday, November 14, 2012

2007 Ford F350:C1175 code for left rear speed sensor

ABS light is on and

Error code  b2900 and c1175 is coming up in vehicle scanning.

Code c1175 is a left rear speed sensor problem, but on 2007 ford f350 truck there is no rear speed sensor.

It is not uncommon for that code to set for the rear sensor. I'm not sure why they progam it like that. The rear speed sensor has been a problem for ages on ford truck vehicles.

It can be Vin mismatch issue.Or the other problem is your computer lost its programmed data.

Its like formating the computer,when its data gets corrupted.

The vin mismatch is usually set when a module has been replaced without being programed. Almost all the modules are programed with the VIN and vehicle specific programing. Every thing talks to each other through the network much like in an office.The vehicle speed info is input to the ABS module then goes to the instrument cluster, radio. as data. If the module is not programed or programed with software other than that for your specific vehicle other system can be in error due to corrupt data.So get the computer module inspected or need to try with another vehicle specific engine control computer module.

At ford dealership your vehicles computer module manufacturer date will be retrieved and its issues can be identified. If it's just a normal data loss to computer module, then basic programming to these module will resolve the error otherwise the computer module needs to be replaced.

These details will help.


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