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Nissan Turn signal switch and four way flasher switch do not working

Nissan Path Finder 2002 Both Turn Signals and Flasher not working at all.

As per the problem there is possibility of few cases.

Either is faulty blown fuses or its faulty hazard switch or its issue with Flasher unit and it has to be replaced.

First check the Fuse number 12 and Fuse number 20 inside the Truck fuse box.

Are these fuse working or blown.If they look burned out or dirty sticky there.Just remove the fuse clean that fuse area slot and replace it with new sets of fuse in there.

But fuses look ok,then it can be faulty hazard switch,get at the back of the hazard switch and there you will see orange and red/yellow wires for power.
With the key on,test the voltages at those two wires,if you see 12 volts there that means switch is receiving power.But if there is no power on that wires,that means the switch is not receiving power from fuse slot.Test voltage at the fuse slot for power.You will have to test at the fuse number 12 and Fuse number 20 slot for power.
7.5 amp fuse #12 in the fuse box inside the truck. That is where the power comes from for the red/yellow wire.

But if you get power at those two wires that is orange wire and red/yellow wire,these confirms that switch is faulty and supply is not the problem.
Replacing the hazard switch will solve the problem.But still before replacing the switch.I suggest you to check and test the switch wires too.

In that case check for power on the brown/white wire coming out of the hazard switch. If there is no power the hazard switch is bad and needs to be replaced.

When the hazard switch is ON,you will not receive voltage at Hazard switch Brown/white wire.But when Hazard switch is OFF you will see 12 volts there on that brown/white wire.
If that is the case then Hazard switch is OK and problem is at flasher unit.

The Working is as follows:----
They run power through the hazard switch to the flasher unit for the turn signals. 

Suppose if hazard switch is faulty then replacing the switch will help.

But if hazard switch is receiving proper power but still turn signals and flasher not working then its problem with flasher unit.
On your vehicle model Nissan the flasher is located under the dash and has 3 wires going to it. One black,one green, and one brown/white.
On these wires check for power out of the green wire and power on the brown/white wire.There should be power on both with the key on and the hazard switch off.
You should receive 12 volts,if not then flasher unit is faulty and has to be replaced.

See below the flasher unit diagram image for Nissan model:----

Nissan flasher diagram

The Further part of the image is as follows:-----

flasher diagram

These details will help.

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